Upscaler API

Complete API reference for Crunch’s video Upscaler service.

NOTE : Currently, these APIs are in public beta.


Every request to the API is authenticated via an Access Token and Secret Token. Token based authentication works by providing the Access Token Secret token in the API request. For More information Click Here.

											--user $ACCESS_TOKEN_ID:$SECRET_KEY

POST Create Job

A job refers to a media content/video that is upscaled to 4X through Crunch. This endpoint creates a job allowing users to upscale their input videos via Crunch’s upscale API.

Body Parameters

input_urlstringURL or web address (which is publicly accessible ) of a video file that Crunch should upscale.
Required: true
crunch_modestringIf upscaler_4x is selected then input video will be upscaled for upto 4x.
Required: true

											curl -L -X POST '' \
											-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
											-u $ACCESS_TOKEN_ID:$SECRET_KEY \
											-d '{
											    "input_url": "",
											    "crunch_mode": "upscaler_4x"
We allow users to upscale their 270p videos via Crunch's upscale API to 1080p.

GET Get Job Status

This endpoint retrieves the details of a job that has previously been created. Given the unique job_id, Crunch will return the corresponding job status.

Path Parameters

job_idstringAn job_id for the previously created job.

Response Parameters

statusstringstatus indicates current status of your video which you have submitted.Possible value will be one from this : PREPROCESSING, TRANSCODING, COMPLETED, FAILED

													curl -L -X GET '' \
													-u $ACCESS_TOKEN_ID:$SECRET_KEY

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