1. Sign Up on Crunch

Create a Crunch account here if you don't already have one. It is completely free. We recommend signing up using your business email id to make billing, account management, and support much easier.

2. Get API Access Token

The Crunch API uses a token key pair that consists of a Token ID and Token Secret for authentication. If you haven't already, generate a new Access Token in the Access Token settings of your Crunch account dashboard. For more information Click Here

3. Create a Webhook

Crunch uses webhooks to let your application know when things happen asynchronously, outside of an API request cycle. For example, you may want to update something on your end when a Video API transitions its status from PENDING to COMPLETED. When these asynchronous events happen, we'll make a POST request to the address you give us, and you can make the changes you need on your end. For more information Click Here

4. Call Crunch API

Crunch provides Video Upscaling and Video Optimization APIs.

  • ⚡️ Video Optimization: Crunch takes your original video in .mp4 and .mov formats, and performs Analyzing and Encoding as a two-step process. This lets us generate the same perceptible video quality as input, but at the lowest file size possible. Most video optimization services that are available today are making a simple trade of reduced file size with a corresponding reduction in quality. Crunch internally uses proven video processing algorithms and methods on top of any standard video codecs to control the encoding operation in a truly content-aware fashion. Try our API to experience our compression in action. Here is a link to our Documentation.
  • AI Video Upscaler: Crunch has developed revolutionary ML/AI algorithms through which you can achieve around 4x upscaling, 2x frame interpolation, and up to 16x more video pixels. Crunch video AI Upscaler performs true pixel upscaling of converting low quality, low-resolution input to a high quality, high-resolution output video stream. Crunch Mediaworks AI Upscaler works in a real-time manner when applying video restoration and pixel upscaling process together. Try our API to experience our compression in action. Here is a link to our Documentation.
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